Energy Efficient Windows

It is imperative that you opt for energy efficient or insulated windows and doors. We cater to Low-E and Argon gas filled windows. Low-E windows are essentially coated for optimum insulation. Argon gas is used to increase the level of insulation, expressed as R-value. The best option for windows is to combine Low-E and Argon gas.

Vinyl Windows

Windows determine how much natural light you would enjoy in a room. This would influence how bright and spacious your room appears to be. You cannot have your indoor look flushed with light and you would certainly want to avoid a lowly lit or dim room. There has to be the right balance. You can always play with some upholstery, curtains or drapes to control the light but the choice of windows should be ideal to create the right kind of ambience.

Windows are not only utilitarian but also aesthetic. They contribute to the exterior appearance of your property and interior décor. Amazing windows will elevate the look of your rooms. But the most important attributes of windows have to be security and energy efficiency. While security has always been a top priority, energy efficiency should be as important.

You should have strong and sturdy windows that are fully functional or with limited functionality if you so desire and they must be very energy efficient. Well-insulated windows can easily help you save some substantial units of energy consumed.

Vinyl Windows: An Affordable & Desirable Solution

Vinyl windows have been growing in popularity for obvious reasons. They are affordable and they tick all the necessary checkboxes. You can always consider other materials and we specialize in all of them, including vinyl. However, like millions other homeowners, you would also benefit with vinyl windows.

  • Vinyl windows are energy efficient. They would ensure that you don’t lose heat or cool air from within the property through the window frames, vents or the window as a whole. Vinyl is a natural insulator.
  • Vinyl windows are very easy to maintain and they are durable. The material needs very little cleaning and that too once in a while, not every day. The material may sound like plastic and it indeed is a variant of plastic but don’t imagine a fragile material that would bend, warp or just lose its integrity in a few months. Vinyl windows can last decades.
  • Vinyl windows can bear the brunt of the sun, the ultraviolet rays, strong winds and torrential downpour. They don’t require frequent repairs or replacement. You don’t even have to repaint it every now and then. Vinyl is resistant to moisture so you will not have warped windows or one that is plagued with algae.
  • Vinyl windows are not only affordable but they are also customizable. The sheer customization is a good enough reason to have vinyl windows as you can design a unique pattern or install a unique appearance in your home, office or commercial property.

Wood Windows

When you have to choose a material for your windows, you are likely to be torn between vinyl and wood. Vinyl has its share of advantages and wood has its own benefits. You are free to choose either of the two but you should make an informed decision. Vinyl and wood are not exactly interchangeable materials. They are worlds apart. Many people consider the cost of wood and choose the more affordable vinyl. Many people want the classic wood windows so they don’t consider anything else.

Let us explore some of the benefits of wood windows.

  • We all know that wood stands the test of time. Of all materials that windows can be made of, wood is inarguably the most durable of them all. When you invest in wood windows, you are not buying something that would require replacing in the near or distant future, you wouldn’t have to periodically upgrade or replace certain parts and you don’t have to pay for any kind of treatment or expensive maintenance. Wood windows are a onetime investment and a permanent addition.
  • Wood windows will allow you to play with the brightness and level of darkness of a room. You can conveniently block off natural light or you can allow the room to be very well lit. While the extremes would be suitable in specific circumstances, you can choose any of the many interims as the various angles at which the shutters can be poised will allow varying amount of light entering the room.
  • Wood windows have a direct impact on the resale value of a home. You may not want to sell your home but getting the value of your property assessed and enjoying an appreciated value is always desirable. And if you do intend to sell a property, it is worthwhile to have wood windows as you can opt for a much higher ask price.
  • Wood windows are effective insulators. Wood is a non-conductor of heat. During summers, you would have cooler interiors with the windows closed as wood would prevent the heat from invading your home. During winters, you would have comfortable interiors because the cold air would be kept out.
  • Wood windows are a classic choice. They come in myriad styles, textures and designs. They would suit any kind of home. They are as traditional as they are chic and sophisticated, cool and hip, modern or state of the art. You can also deck up wood windows with myriad types of blinds, curtains, drapes or shutters.


Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward by cranking a handle and provide a great unobstructed view to the outside as well as superior ventilation. Replacement vinyl casement windows can open to the left or right depending on your preference.


Awning Windows

Casement fixed windows are a combination of casement and fixed windows. Casement windows can open to the left or right depending on your preference, while the fixed side is stationary.

Single tilt slders

Single Tilt Slider

A single tilt-sliding vinyl window operates horizontally (side to side). One sash is stationary and the other sash moves and can tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Double Slider Butterfly

Double Slider Butterfly

A double tilt slider vinyl window has two sashes that move sideways. One or both can tilt into the room for easy cleaning. You have the benefit of opening one or both sashes at once, controlling the ventilation in your home.

End Vent Slider

End Vent Slider

The end vent slider features two venting sashes with a low fixed centre sash. When a window opening is wider than 74 inches and a sliding option is desired, the end vent slider is the most effective option available.

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung

A single hung vinyl window operates vertically (up and down). One sash is stationary and the other sash moves up and down and can tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Double Hung

Double hung vinyl windows have two sashes that move up and down and both can tilt into the room for easy cleaning. You have the benefit of opening one or both sashes at once, controlling the ventilation in your home.

Fixed Windows

High profile frames are better suited for casement and awning windows. Low profile frames are well suited for a slider and hung windows. High profile windows are labeled with a letter “F”, while Low profile windows are labeled with a letter “P”.

custom shape windows

Custom Shapes

Custom-shaped vinyl windows are specialty windows consisting of shapes or angles other than 90 degrees. They are available in a variety of shape configurations to create unique, artistic designs.

Bay windows

Bay Windows

A vinyl bay window is a great way to add extra space and light to a room and create a unique design piece for your home. Bay windows are composed of three windows that extend from the exterior of your home. This area is often used to provide additional seating and enjoyable views, and is sometimes referred to as a sit-down bay. Typically they consist of one large fixed (stationary) window in the middle and a casement window on either side.

bow windows

Bow Windows

Vinyl bow windows are a series of four or more adjoining window units, with five being the most common. All units can be stationary, operating or any combination. Vinyl bow windows provide sweeping views and create another dimension to your home. They can also provide an elegant window seating area to enjoy the view.