Choosing a contractor to replace a commercial roof, whether it is flat or sloped, or in an industrial or business park setting, doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Choose Golden West Exteriors Roofing & Siding Professionals. Here’s why that’s your best move:

Contractors’ Network

Because we work with so many different types of businesses all across Alberta, we’ve got a professional network that can’t be beat. We’ve got outstanding relationships with roofing manufacturers, and thanks to our active participation in industry associations, we’ve got a broad network of building professionals that we can bring in, or recommend, to handle other parts of your construction project. We are:

Commercial Roof Replacement Project Management

Managing a commercial roof replacement project down to every last detail is the only way to make sure everything goes as planned, and that your new roof is ready on time and on budget. We’ve developed outstanding project management procedures that include regular communication with business owners and tenants. Everyone will know well in advance what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and what steps we are taking to mitigate any potential impact to their business.

Protecting Your Interests

Replacing a business’s roof presents some risk for property owners. You’ll want to make sure that whoever you work with is prepared to eliminate as many of those risks as possible. They need to understand, and follow, local construction regulations that are specific to the businesses housed in your building.

Call us before moving forward with your commercial roof replacement—you’ll be glad you did.