Whether you are a property owner with tenants or you are running your business in your own building, a damaged roof can be disastrous. You’re going to need a commercial roof repair company that can act fast and efficiently, make high-quality repairs, make sure any safety issues related to your damaged roof are addressed, and do all of this with as little disruption to your business as possible.

That company is Golden West Exteriors. Our fine-tuned process includes:

  • Assessment of the problem: Is the problem systemic, or is it an isolated instance requiring a simple repair?
  • Identification of priorities: Are there restrictions we need to deal with while repair work is being done, such as parking lot access or building emergency exits? Do we need to stop a leak immediately and then come up with a plan for repairs? Is one part of your business, or one of your tenants, more impacted by the problem than others?
  • Delivery of materials: Thanks to our long-standing relationships with manufacturers and industry partners, we can get the materials you need when you need them. And, we’ll make sure delivery doesn’t cause any avoidable business disruption.
  • Doing the work: We’ll repair your roof, inspect the work, and clean up our mess as quickly and efficiently as possible. And, we’ll keep everyone informed about what’s happening and what to expect next.


Commercial Roof Repair For Your Business

Whether you’ve got a low-slope roof or flat roof, a built-up, composite shingle, or rubber roof, we’re Alberta’s go-to commercial roofing company. Our commercial roofing expertise includes:

  • Manufacturing and industrial roofs
  • Retail and office building roofs
  • Government buildings
  • Multi-family units.

Don’t delay! Call now so we can repair your roof ASAP.