Skylights are an amazing addition to any type of property. They don’t just allow some natural light to come in thus making the interiors bright and seem more spacious. They can also be utilitarian since they can be designed to facilitate ventilation. Skylights can add a great deal of elegance and style to any home. However, skylights do have certain problems from time to time, which will need to be attended to.

Golden West Exteriors can attend to all such concerns. We specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining all kinds of skylights in homes and offices or commercial properties.

We are a roofing company with expansive experience in siding, chimney, masonry and general construction. We can fix the problems you have in your skylights without causing any damage to the roof, the deck or any of the substrate layers. We would also ensure that your skylight is not damaged any further in an attempt to repair it.

We have a well-trained and licensed team of skylight repairing experts who would check for leaks and cracks. We would inspect the integrity of the installation. We can check the flashing and spot imperfections. We also have expertise in working on the ventilation associated with skylights in some cases. We diagnose the problems and give you a detailed update. Once you have the feedback highlighting the problems, you can decide the course of action. In most cases, we have only one solution which could be repairing, replacement or installing new skylight.

At times, it could be a minor fix or a combination of different solutions. It is quite possible that some problems are reparable while some call for a partial or complete replacement. We also factor in weatherproofing and loss of heat through the skylight, hence ensuring you have impeccable insulation in your home or building

We fix leaking skylights by using quality sealants. If you have an ice damming issue on the roof or your skylight has been damaged due to rain, hail or storm, then we can repair it or replace it. Roofing problems can also cause damages to a skylight. In such cases, our skylight repair or replacement would also include solving the roofing problem.

Whether you have us installing a new skylight or there is a need to repair and replace an existing skylight, we would always have a personalized approach and shall ensure that you have a perfect job done the very first time.