Re-roofing? Not quite sure where to start? Or maybe you have re-roofed your home before, but you need to brush up on some of the latest products and procedures? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Golden West Exteriors specializes in roof replacement in Edmonton. Our roofing contractors provide reliable service and exceptional quality. Here is what you should know.

Getting Started

When it comes to re-roofing, there are a number of areas homeowners need to be aware of before selecting a roofing contractor to actually start the work.

How do I find a professional roofing contractor?

  • Referrals are the best place to start. Ask a neighbour or friend who recently had his roof replaced about his contractor and if he was happy with the work done.
  • The second best place to seek out a professional contractor is to go to your local roofing distributor and ask them, we are not referring to the large home center or retail store chains, but rather professional roofing material distributors who work with reputable contractors on a regular basis.
  • The Internet is usually the third place homeowners can look.
  • You should interview two to three different contractors, whether they are referrals or from the Internet.
  • The following are additional points to consider in evaluating contractors:
    • Completeness and professionalism of estimate offered and presentation given.
    • Knowledge and thoroughness of roofing procedures.
    • Repeat business in nearby area.
    • Length of time in business.
    • Willingness and ability to handle complaints quickly and fairly.
    • Presentation of proper insurance.
    • Number of reviews posted online.

What is the typical duration of a roof replacement in Edmonton job?

The duration of the job varies widely depending on the size and complexity of the roof. A small, uncomplicated roof replacement can usually be finished in a day. Larger or step slopped homes may take several days.

A large, complex project can last a week or more. Once started, however, a job should not be interrupted for any reason other than weather.

Should I expect to pay a deposit when I sign a re-roof contract agreement?

You should never pay a deposit or for the roofing job up front.

NOTE: Before signing the contract or agreement, make sure the price covers all materials, clean-up, completion date, etc.

Selecting a roofing product

Selecting roofing shingles is no different than purchasing a major home appliance or even a new car. You should investigate your options carefully, comparison shop and weigh the costs against features and benefits desired.

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The following are the most important questions you can ask when choosing a roofing shingle.

  • What’s the difference between an architectural, impact resistant, designer, shingle and standard asphalt shingle?

Today, the architectural shingle class is running away with the market. Warranties range up to 50 years and even lifetime.

Colour is no longer the only choice to make. The many textures, forms and designs of architectural shingles in the marketplace can result in a major aesthetic upgrade for your home.

Shingles are not just for keeping out the rain anymore.

What type of warranty should I look for? Aren’t they all the same?

The length of the warranty is an indicator of performance and value. The upfront coverage in the first few years following application is also very meaningful. This is the time when, according to manufactures, problems caused by defects are most likely to occur. As a result you should:

Carefully review the manufacturers warranty stipulations about proration and transferability

Proration – is the reduction of the manufacturers contribution to the homeowner for repairing or replacing defective shingles during the warranty period.

Make sure the warranty prorates on the current market cost of the replacement shingles (as opposed to the original cost of the defective shingles)

Need to Know More?

We hope this article has provided you with some insightful information regarding the re-roofing process. Our intention is not to overwhelm you with information, but rather offer you a reliable resource or easy reference. If you have any questions we would be happy to hear from you.

MOST IMPORTANT: Never judge the value of various proposals from the lowest bid received. A low price can signal a lot of discrepancies and shortcomings in the reliability of the contractor.