Replacing Your Roof?

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!

Every roof reaches a stage when you have to opt for replacing your roof. While what type of roofing material you would choose and which roofing contractor you will hire for the job is completely your prerogative, you may have a preference for the cheapest quote or the lowest estimate.

It is natural to get tilted towards the least expensive roofing materials and the lowest cost of installing the roof but that is never the wise approach to replace your roof. You may make some substantial savings, apparently, by going with the lowest quote but that pleasure will not be long lasting. The savings and its sweetness will be forgotten, sooner than later, but what will remain is the bitterness of the poor quality. Before delving into why a roofing contractor can offer you unbelievably low prices, it is necessary to shed some light on what you are signing up for with low priced roofs. A low priced roof will be less durable and will certainly be less sturdy. In the process, your roof will be vulnerable to leaks, to damage due to weather extremes, may cave in and develop cracks, dents or sheer holes. Water seepage, mold growth, damage to property and furniture, safety of the habitants and structural damage to the uppermost floor and the roofing deck are the most common fallouts of a poor quality roof. In addition to that, you will have very poor quality insulation that will create uncomfortable interiors or it will exponentially increase your energy consumption. Not only would your low quality roof look bad, aesthetically, but it shall also be weak and will cause you to spend much more money than what you saved on repairs, maintenance and you will have to opt for a new roof again in a very short time. Whenever a roofing contractor offers you an unbelievably low price, the roofer is certainly cutting corners. The roofer may not be licensed; it may not have adequate training and will not have extensive insurance coverage. The roofer may not be an expert in roofing to begin with. You should ask yourself what is more important, a safe, strong and aesthetic roof that is insulated or one that saves you a bit more money while compromising on all other attributes.