Multi-Family & Strata Exterior Project Services

Multifamily and strata exterior projects are very different from renovation, roofing and restoration projects of normal houses and even commercial properties. Multifamily or strata properties have a completely different set of challenges. First, such properties are larger than normal houses and they are not built like commercial properties. Large commercial establishments that are typically much bigger than multifamily and strata properties, don’t have much to do with external facades but the latter do. Also, there are several technical aspects pertaining to the project which come into play right from the onset.

The first few things that you need to understand about multifamily & strata exterior project services include the sheer size or scope of the project, the resources that will be needed which shall include manpower and equipments or infrastructure, the timeline that is at the disposal and the training, expertise and resources of the company that is being hired for the job. Multifamily and strata exterior projects can include complete renovation or partial restoration, roofing or reroofing, repairs and preventive maintenance, painting or repainting and fixing of all potential or existing problems  in the exteriors, structural frameworks and more. Naturally, the owner or manager of such a property will need to hire the experts that have a proven track record of having excelled at their multifamily and strata exterior project services. Without expertise, manpower and infrastructure, such projects cannot be undertaken. It is possible for two roofers or three to attend to the roof repair or maintenance needs of a normal home. It is not possible for a similar team or the same strength to attend to the needs of a multifamily and strata property. Likewise, it is possible to use handheld tools or small equipments to attend to renovation or exterior restoration of a normal home but that is not a possibility with larger properties, especially those that stand tall for several floors. You should hire a company that specializes in , has been offering the same for a while now and has impeccably trained manpower as well as the needed infrastructure to pull off the entire job. Don’t hire a company that in turn will hire subcontractors, rent the equipments or bring along freelancers who are not trained for the job.