Roofing Estimates Vs Roofing Contracts

Roofing estimate and roofing contract is not the same thing. Roofing estimate is a quote. Roofing contract is an agreement. When you call a roofing company, visit the offices of some or have the roofers visit your property for a consultation and site inspection, the roofer may offer you a figure that you may have to pay for your roofing needs. This figure is almost always an estimate. It is not necessarily a ballpark figure. Often, estimates can be very close to the final cost that you would have to bear. But it is safe to presume that a roofing estimate will change over time. Often, it would change when the eventual roofing contract is put forth. The primary difference between roofing estimate and roofing contract is that the former happens to be a financial quote which is guessed, albeit it is an informed guess, by the roofer and the roofing contract is a detailed agreement which is legally binding on both parties. A roofing estimate is not binding on anyone and there is nothing apart from the expenses or budget discussed in it. A roofing estimate may not be always provided in writing. In many cases, it is communicated verbally, often over the phone. A roofing contract is what a property owner should look for. A roofing contract contains all the information that you are supposed to know. Right from the actual costs through the schedules to the detailed description of the terms of service and warranty, everything has to be mentioned in a roofing contract. Typically, a roofing contract will include the budget, terms of payment and terms of service. The start date, the number of roofers that would be working at your property, the number of days the roofers would work and the date when they would finish would be clearly mentioned. There will be detailed mentions of the type of roofing you have opted for.

The design, the type of installation, the quality of insulation, the adherence to building codes and installation guidelines of the manufacturers and every fixture that is being installed with the primary roofing materials; all would be mentioned precisely in a roofing contract. The terms of service in the roofing contract must pertain to warranty, the repairs or maintenance that the roofer would be obliged to do and your obligations as the property owner. As a property owner, you must never decide to hire a roofer based on a roofing estimate. It is the roofing contract that matters.