Euroshield Rubber Roofing vs Cedar Roofing

There are more than half a dozen popular roofing materials that residential property owners can choose from. An equal number if not more is available for commercial property owners as well. Whether you have a sloped roof or a flat roof, there are many choices and you have to conduct an objective assessment to make an informed decision.

Rubber roofing and cedar roofing are very popular these days. Asphalt roofing may still be the most popular choice and metal roofing may be catching up but between the two extremes, it is rubber roofing and cedar roofing. There are people who would never opt for anything but Euroshield rubber roofing and there are people who will not go with anything other than cedar roofing. Here is a brief but comprehensive objective assessment of Euroshield rubber roofing vs cedar roofing.

  • Cedar roofing is durable, so is Euroshield rubber roofing. But the durability varies between the two. Cedar roofing will be very good for ten years but it will need ongoing maintenance and numerous preventive measures to prolong its life and elegance thereon. Cedar roofing looks beautiful but it will not last long if a lot of effort and money doesn’t get pumped into its maintenance and prevention. On the contrary, Euroshield rubber roofing can easily last for fifty years to seventy five years and more. That is without the preventive measures.
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    in as many ways as Euroshield rubber roofing. The latter can mimic any kind of aesthetics or elegance, style and color that a property owner would want.
  • Cedar roofing can be just as expensive as Euroshield rubber roofing. The cheaper options with cedar are just not good enough. The investments may be at par but durability, strength and safety are certainly sided with rubber roofing. Cedar roofs are vulnerable to fire; you may have to consult your insurance company to know if you have to pay more, else your coverage may be void. Cedar roofing is also weak and prone to damage when subjected to strong winds. None of these are of any concern for Euroshield rubber roofing.
  • Cedar roofing is not very environment friendly because the materials are sourced from forests and they cannot be recycled to make shakes again. They can at best be made into chips for mulch. Euroshield rubber roofing can be recycled.