Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials

Green roofs are a reality today. Many towering commercial structures have green roofs which don’t just have no adverse impact on the environment but actually benefit it by harnessing solar power and by cooling the immediate surroundings in the process. Such kinds of roofs are not entirely viable for homes because of the types of structures homes have and also due to financial constraints. But as a homeowner, you can always opt for environmentally friendly roofing materials.

Environmentally friendly roofing materials are simply those roofing fixtures that are made mostly of recycled stuff. The most common roofing material is asphalt shingles. Asphalt is not exactly an

Bristles and environmentally friendly roofing material. It is dumped in landfills after being thrown off and a very small part of those shingles is actually recycled. However, there are asphalt shingles available today that have a tiny bit of recycled materials. In many regions, owing to the initiatives taken by some thoughtful companies, asphalt shingles are not always dumped into landfills but are recycled and used for roads and other types of constructions. While that is good news, it still doesn’t make the shingles environmentally friendly roofing materials because they don’t originate from recycled stuff. The objective is to reduce the carbon footprint, to increase the green cover on the planet, to reduce heat generated and the energy consumed. That can be accomplished when recycling makes up for 70% or more of the roofing material. That is achieved with Euroshield rubber roofing. It uses 75% of recycled rubber, it can mimic any appearance or visual aesthetic that you want and the roofing is also one of the most state of the art. Euroshield rubber roofing looks amazing. It is durable and extremely long lasting owing to its endurance level. There is no worry of granules or paints wearing off because there are none. Euroshield rubber roofing is resistant to hail damage. Owing to the nature of their texture and endurance level, hail doesn’t cause any dents or bruises on Euroshield rubber roofs. Euroshield rubber roofing is very light, can be designed for all types of roofs regardless of the shape, size or the roofing deck underneath and the entire installation process is also extremely simple. From being fire resistant to increasing the value of your property, from being immune to rusting, peeling or cracking to being extremely environment friendly, Euroshield rubber roofing is certainly one of the finest choices for your roof.