The dramatic visual impact created by these Lifetime Designer Shingles is like nothing else. You’ve worked hard to create a sense of place and beauty in your home, and you couldn’t do any better than to top it off with GAF Grand Sequoia Shingles.

Get a realistic, wood-shake look without spending an arm and a leg. Unique shapes and oversized tabs create a rich, sophisticated look that you’d expect to pay a lot more for. And the unique, earth-toned color palette delivers deep browns, weathered wood, cedar, and terracotta tones.

Grand Sequoia Features

  • Class A Underwriters Laboratories fire rating.
  • The industry’s best lifetime warranty.
  • The GAF SmartChoice® Protection plan.
  • Fiberglass asphalt construction.
  • 130 mile per hour wind guarantee.

Grand Sequoia Benefits

  • Better protection for your family than synthetic shingles that only have a class C fire rating.
  • DuraGrip Adhesive that keeps shingles secure and eliminates the risk of leaks due to extreme weather.
  • Unmatched sophistication of oversized tabs and artisan-crafted beauty.
  • Luxury and an affordable price.

Available Colors

At a fraction of the cost of wood or slate, you just can’t beat these unique designer shingles. You won’t find anything more durable or more beautiful. If you don’t want to compromise on either front, you’ve found the shingle for you. Give us a call or come by our showroom to learn more. Let’s talk about your new roof and all of the GAF shingle options. And, remember, it is very important to work with a GAF-certified contractor, like Golden West Exteriors. You want to be sure the work is done right and your warranty is enforceable!

GAF Grand Sequoia Weathered Wood
GAF Grand Sequoia Autumn Brown
GAF Grand Sequoia Mesa Brown
GAF Grand Sequoia Slate